Yes Minister You know everything

This is the statistics from Super 30 of Patna, a coaching institute of IIT for underprivileged  children,

In 2008, of 30 successful students, only four scored between 80-85%.

In 2009, of 30 successful students, only three scored above 80%.

Of 182 successful students from seven Super-30 batches, only 24 scored above 80%.

A detailed analysis is available in Indian express

Putting cut-off  marks at 80-85% is a move to help students from bigger cities and specifically upper middle class families from these cities.  It is a common knowledge that in hinterland of India very few gets 80-85% and they still manage to excel in IIT/IISc etc.

This whole thing is ridiculous on many counts. Mr. Sibbal  talks about autonomy and micromanage IIT to the limit that admission criteria are changed overnight by him without any open discussion. UPA talks about affirmative action but did not get the point that reservation is not the only way of affermative action.  Entrance exam based on ability in math+Science (not language) gives a level playing field to students from rural background. At least they can make up their bad schooling by some extra help from organization like super-30. If anyone has any doubt about it, just have a look at the student pool of IIT and compare it with the student pool of IIM (which checks langauge skill).

Last, I remember that a month back this guy was talking about removing stress from school kids. This is really the way to de-stress students in  schools about board exam.


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