IISc Alumani in news

Just heard from a friend that one of  our batchmate from IISc Mechanical is in news for a very wrong reason.It Seems that Pushpam Sinha from Mechang has murdered a girl in Delhi


I do remember attending a few lectures with him.  He was so simple … It is hard to imagine him as a murderer.  As far as I know he first joined IISc Mechang and afterwards shifted to Chemeng as  a PhD student.  Today, I talked with a  few friends from IISc time   regarding him. Everyone just remember him as a talented but a bit weird and introvert guy. What a sad ending to a good mind.


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One Response to “IISc Alumani in news”

  1. vikas Says:

    Pushpam was a good friend of my room-mate. He used to come to my room very often. For the first year at IISc I can even describe us to be friendly. He was a very good student. Later on he had a fight with my roommate and somehow he stopped talking to all of us.
    I remember one incident, I went to his room with my friend and he was crying. We asked what happened? he said -“I was reading Love story by eric segal”. May be he is now the “monster” that media is portraying him to be but back then he was a gentle soul. But I will not be in denial and I could totally foresee this happening as he always had trouble with girls. In an alaternate universe he could have had an arranged marriage and a couple of kids and could have been living a normal life like rest of the people instead of killing an innocent woman. I think he just went into a downward spiral and became a prisoner of his mind. He probably lost connection with reality. I think he is more of an insane person than an evil one.

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