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A nice article By David Brooks

November 20, 2009

Today on his op-ed in Nytimes David Brooks  wrote a really good piece on recovery of US market. In this article what drew my attention was a great quote by Timothy Geithner, treasury Secretary of USA.  Here is an excerpt with the quote in bold

In an interview on Wednesday, for example, I asked Geithner what government could do to help promote innovation. Usually when I ask leaders that, they reel off some cool technologies that government should promote — windmills, nanotechnology, etc. Often they sound like children trying to play at being entrepreneurs. Geithner didn’t do that. He said that government’s limited job was to get the underlying incentives right so the market could figure out what innovations work best. That suggests a pretty constrained view of government’s role.



Gujarat and Islamic charity

November 19, 2009

Indian express today published a though provoking article abot Islamic charities. Here is a snapshot of the article

For those who missed the news in the November 15 edition of this paper, here is the gist. A UK-based NRI charity named Muslim Relief Organisation (MRO) had built a colony in Detral village in Bharuch district to rehabilitate the victim-survivors of Gujarat’s state-sponsored carnage (2002). Even in charity, it seems, conditions apply.

The MRO has now issued an ultimatum to the Muslims it had helped rehabilitate: Shariah-compliant beards are a must. No rubbing shoulders with fellow Muslims in the village mosque, namaaz only in the special (sectarian) mosque we have built. Banish TV sets from your homes, all music is prohibited. Follow the “Shariah rules” or out you go of the homes we built. For you.

Kudos to Mr. Javed Anand to write such an informative and balanced article.