Telangana and Dangerous game of Congress

Times of India has recently commented that  kRS  fast is becoming more like guide movie.   What an apt analogy ! I guess only brilliant authors like R K Narayan can tell such a timeless story.   Looks like Raju guide of guide movie KRS has entered into something which will make a saint out of him without giving him a chance to escape.

Now, unless congress govt gives him something substantial on Telangana he cannot really back out.  If he back out he will lose his political life and if he continues he might lose his life. Now the movement has entered into strange phase where there is a substantial chance that it might go out of control either way.

I guess congress is hoping against hope that the whole thing will fizzle out on its own.  On one hand they are saying that they are pro Telangana, on the other hand they are trying hard that issue die down.

I agree that what KRS is doing can be counted as blackmail. However, if you feel that issue raised by him is wrong say it openly.  If congress lacks that guts, it should bow down to public pressure and give Telangana.   I hope that because of  this apathy of congress nothing bad will really happen. In case KRS dies and Andhra  enters into chaos, only Sonia will be responsible.


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