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ADB data on middle class in India.

August 22, 2010

Today, Indian newspapers were celebrating rise of Indian middle class as pointed out by ADB.    While the report was overall in positive tone, something looked very fishy to me.

Here is what timesof india and economics times has to say about the report

Only 0.0009% of Indians earn more than Rs 10,000 per month.

somebody must had imagined this data. According to economics times itself

In response to a Right to Information (RTI) query by seasoned RTI campaigner P. Hari Kumar, 24, of Kasaragod in north Kerala, the finance ministry has said that the number of taxpayers has increased from 28.4 million in 2002 to 31.5 million in 2006.

This number itself is 3 % and I think it is fair to assume that  each tax payer represent atleast 2 people and a substantial portion of this population earns more than  20000 Rs.  Thus, I do not see how the percent of Indian earning more than Rs 10000 was 0.0009 is year  2005.  May be economics times and timesofindia should cross check what they report. Regarding original source ADB, I could not see this line in the original report available online.


Kishore da’s sad song

August 17, 2010

This is one of the best sad song by Kishore da

Chhota Parivar dukhi Parivar

August 14, 2010

Found this picture on facebook.  It gave an impression that it is from movie Tere Bin ladan.  Loving the sense of humor of creator.  I do not know the source so can’t quote the original source really.

Another great one from Asha

August 13, 2010

Managing Fedora without knowing much of linux

August 11, 2010

I hate microsoft products and now being an Indian Prof. I realised that  mac products are now no longer affordable to me.  Thus, I have shifted to linux on my laptop.  I have Fedora 9 installed on it.  My sys admin installed it for me.  I think even now, it is a bit difficult to install linux without any Guru help.  Overall my satisfaction level is around 80-90% and I still miss my osX.

My sys admin had forgotten to install VLC on my machine. My previous two attempt to directly use RPM failed. Today, I found a simple solution.

Steps are as follows:

1> Open a terminal and type there


2> Once prompted enter root password.

3> type

yum update

4> yum install vlc

Wao! it worked without any further problem.

This solution I found on

Google Dev sab janta hai 🙂

Can we trust data generated by Govt??

August 8, 2010

Last week  I  came across  census data web site and was looking  across data from Bihar.  Something really attracted my eye.  According to the posted data,  around 80% of urban population in Bihar lives in their own house.  Similarly, 40% of urban population uses Kerosene for lighting in stead of electricity.  Here is the link .  I wonder whether such amazing data was really cross checked by anyone.