Managing Fedora without knowing much of linux

I hate microsoft products and now being an Indian Prof. I realised that  mac products are now no longer affordable to me.  Thus, I have shifted to linux on my laptop.  I have Fedora 9 installed on it.  My sys admin installed it for me.  I think even now, it is a bit difficult to install linux without any Guru help.  Overall my satisfaction level is around 80-90% and I still miss my osX.

My sys admin had forgotten to install VLC on my machine. My previous two attempt to directly use RPM failed. Today, I found a simple solution.

Steps are as follows:

1> Open a terminal and type there


2> Once prompted enter root password.

3> type

yum update

4> yum install vlc

Wao! it worked without any further problem.

This solution I found on

Google Dev sab janta hai 🙂


2 Responses to “Managing Fedora without knowing much of linux”

  1. iad Says:

    Do you think that Fedora is better than Ubuntu ??, some friends told me the new version of Ubuntu is much much better than previous version … , but i have to try it first actually …

    • ansumali Says:

      Well! I do not really know the answer. For me Fedora was an easy choice because I can get support for it in my institute.

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