Land of Articulate Mediocres

Recently, I started watching a strange trend in India.  The people who are very vocal in media and are touted as an expert are very often ideologically biased person with very low integrity.  The situation seems to be same in almost same in all mode of life. One reason I can see is that very often Indian have very short memory span and if you keep on talking on something , after sometime people will accept you as a thinker.   Pathetic example of such verbal diarrhoea includes Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy.   Today saw an article from Pankaj Mishra, who is self proclaimed expert on Indian poor, in Nytimes.

Well-to-do Indians fear that Hindu nationalists emboldened by the verdict on Ayodhya might scare off foreign investors. But it was Hindu nationalists who, coming to power in 1998 through successive bloody anti-Muslim campaigns, followed policies that expedited the country’s grossly uneven economic development and entrenched corporate special interests in India’s politics.

More fatefully, the Hindu nationalists exploded nuclear bombs underground and threatened Pakistan with all-out war, creating a legacy of hard-line nationalism — which the Indian military in Kashmir and successive governments in Delhi have embraced.

Somebody should tell this idiot that economic libralization was a good thing and was started not by BJP. As far as this issue is concerned their is a continuity in thinking of BJP and Congress. This is a very good thing , which I can understand that joker economists like him graduating from JNU   fail to comprehand.  Again they have no respect for public demand and think that Pokhran was bad thing imposed by a few.


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