Indian media at its best

It is at least  12 hour that Barkha dutta is caught in her true colours as political operative for Congress.  However, it is amazing to see that mainstream Indian media is so much dedicated to the family that they have just censored this news.   For those who missed this here is the link on youtube.  Original site which broke the story is hacked by now  and is out of net and more


One Response to “Indian media at its best”

  1. AC Says:

    Why are we all getting so worked up about corruption. This is a conspiracy to defame the Indian State by people who refuse to acknoledge its greatness.

    Every politician of note has stated that “The Law must take its course”. We have the world’s finest investigative agency which spares no effort and trouble to root out wrongdoers and bring the guilty to book. In the last 60 years no senior politician or bureaucrat has been convicted and sent to prison. Ergo, corruption in high places does not exist. Of course there is the odd minor aberration that some clerk or police constable takes a bribe, but that is the exception rather than the rule. All this talk about there being scams and crores having been looted from the public exchequer is also so much hot air. We will soon awake to find business as usual and realise that we have been hallucinating, no scam ever took place and that this has been nothing but a bad dream

    Rather than berate, we must honour our politicians who have given their all, sacrificed themselves and their families and paupered themselves in their devotion to public service. Look how they squandered their family fortunes.

    Poor Ashok Chavan. Instead of being the stereotypical damaad and spongeing on his in laws or making dowry demands he helps them out by arranging a few small flats and loses his job. Yeddyurapp instead of allowing his dependent sons and daughters in law from staying with him and thereby living off public funds arranges a small piece of land so they can earn their own living is called corrupt. The Congress is so angry with Suresh Kalmadi for not having worked 72 hours a day (in which case he would not have needed to have two deputies) that they have stopped him from issuing invitations on behalf of the party. Raja instead of being a Yes Man for the PM actually used his mind and took pre-emptive and pro-active action. Besides doing his own job honestly and efficiently he also eased the burden on the Finance and law Ministries by not involving them and has been hounded out of the cabinet for his pains.Truly there is no justice.

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