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Best Indian Minister and Mehta Joke

September 23, 2009

According to MMS, Mr. Sibbal is the best minister.  I wonder if the best is like that how is the worst guy!

Mr. Sibbal thinks that people are lining up to get a temp  job with royal salary of 35000 Rs after 5+3 years of Phd and post-doc.

Today in his interview he talked about ethics and all that.  Here are few testimonials about Mehta committee–1-held/490514

Out of 5 members, one is in Jail and other one is accused of  plagiarism.  I wonder what was ethics of other three. Really we should learn about ethics from Mehta committee.

I wonder where is Indian media. Why no one has noticed this earlier.


Security in IISc

September 9, 2009

Today, I had to go to K C general hospital for getting fitness certificate for my new job. I was unaware of the place and I heard from some people that going to KC hospital without knowing Kannada would be problematic. So, I decided to take a staff from IISc office of JNC. My taxi driver decided to enter IISc from the back side and I was surprised to find out that there is no security check on that gate. In last few years, after shootout at IISc, I always went there via main gate where there are lot of security guards. We used to wonder that why all the emphasis is on getting entry in register. However, what I saw today was really hilarious. When my cab reached IISc main gate, security guards there asked for the entry and my driver told them he entered by back gate and then they said ok. So, I learned my lesson about security in IISc. As far as I understand, important  feature  of security policy  in IISc are

  • Terrorist, thief and antisocial elements have decided that when they have to enter IISc, they will always do it via main gate.
  • Any  one who has bad intention will first sign at the main gate and then only will do anything.
  • In case any bad event is ever planed  again,    bad  guys   will   clearly write in the security register  that  they  are in the  campus  for  doing  bad work so that  IISc  secuirty can take action  against them.
  • All  vehicles  entering from  front gate  are dubious so their numbers  should be  registered at security counter.    Any vehicle which knows the route from other side must be  that of  good people so such vehicles should not be disturbed