Tunisia and Saudi

January 26, 2011

Interesting developments from middle east! However, I suspect more Iran are in making.  Interesting part is  Saudi Arabia is protecting  Ben Ali,  the ousted dictator, murder and crook — from Tunisia, just like they did will the mass murderer idi Amin of Uganda.   May be Mubarak will also go there.

House of Saud is perhaps one of the most ugly thing in middle east.  Wonder when they will stop protecting  mass murders like Idi Amin and  stop funding terrorist schools in Asia.


Swapan on NDTV show on Barkha

November 30, 2010

I was amazed to see Mr. Swapan Dasgupta being part of wash-up and ‘chor machae shor’ on NDTV. Initially, when the show began I tried to sympathize with Barkha thinking that she is just like any another person we meet who is drunk in his/her  success and made a mistake without realizing the consequence of it.

However,  the more I heard her the more I got convinced that it is more of a chor machae shor thing.    I did not understood why Mr. Dasgupta did not stood up for the truth.   May be because he was too polite.  May be because  he is also part of the elite  1984 type  gang which decides what should be given as news to general gullible people.  However,  if this debate is the standard, then I am sorry to say  my respect for news media has gone down exponentially. Although, there were positive signs too.    At least in my opinion, two person came out as hope for media in this whole thing. One is of course editor of Open magzine, who asked lot of sensible question.  Also, he needs to be respected because he did not behave as part of 1984 gang , who thinks that just because they won’t talk about it aam janta will forget about it.   Another person was  Sanjaya Baru, who called Barkha dutta bluff several times.  Of course because, I respect opinion of Swapan dasgupta I was more disappointed with him.  I expected a lot more from him.  Here are my questions to him

  • Why did not you objected when Barkha said her 15 year career was spot free? This is far from truth everyone knows Chetan Kunte’s story.  She has this tendency of  trying to control the story. She did not really managed to come clean in that episode.
  • When she tried to question ethics of Open and Outlook magzine in publishing these tape, why did not you object?  A few people seating at top cannot decide to censor such info from public. These tape even in mildest sense (if we give benefit of doubt to Barkha), gives an impression that Indian media is too cosy with politician-buisnessman nexus.  If we do not give benefit of doubt, the tape definitely create an impression that it is politician-buisnessman-newsman nexus.
  • I do not understand how Barkha can claim that open and Outlook has violated the ethical norm of not publishing  raw tape. At best such supression of valid news is trying to hide each other crime.  In the worst case, (what we saw for at least a week) if a valid news is blacked out it is the kind of moral corruption in the sense of 1984 ala Orwell.
  • I am amazed how NDTV can claim that PR person of two of the largest buisness house in India contacting with one of big media house and asking its star reporter to act as conduit between govt and allies is such a minor story (with all hoopla going about telecom since formation of UPA II) that it did not bother to follow on lead. If they are really that dumb,  I wonder how many head really rolled because of this mistake.
  • Finally,  at least I have not seen such  extra moral consideration in previous sting operations! Is it because your own tribe is involved?

The  points is aam aadmi is shocked with this censoring and  media needs to come out clean on censor issue first.

Indian media at its best

November 19, 2010

It is at least  12 hour that Barkha dutta is caught in her true colours as political operative for Congress.  However, it is amazing to see that mainstream Indian media is so much dedicated to the family that they have just censored this news.   For those who missed this here is the link on youtube.  Original site which broke the story is hacked by now  and is out of net and more

They give nobel prize we give suicide prize

October 9, 2010

Robert Edwards of Britain won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine for the development of in-vitro fertilization, a ground-breaking process that has helped many couples over the last two decades have children.

While Edwards was working towards his dream – creating the world’s first in vitro fertilized or test tube baby – a physician in India was working on the same subject but the odds were piled heavily against him.

Bengali doctor Subhash Mukhopadhyay was two months late in announcing the birth of Durga or Kanupriya Agarwal – India’s first test tube baby created by him on October 3, 1978.

The only evidence of his work was a report he had prepared for the West Bengal government facing an enquiry. He was questioned by a government committee several times and his work was discredited as “bogus”.

Here is a more detailed story about one of important  achievement of Jyoti Basu and CPM other then destroying the  Kolkata


Land of Articulate Mediocres

October 3, 2010

Recently, I started watching a strange trend in India.  The people who are very vocal in media and are touted as an expert are very often ideologically biased person with very low integrity.  The situation seems to be same in almost same in all mode of life. One reason I can see is that very often Indian have very short memory span and if you keep on talking on something , after sometime people will accept you as a thinker.   Pathetic example of such verbal diarrhoea includes Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy.   Today saw an article from Pankaj Mishra, who is self proclaimed expert on Indian poor, in Nytimes.

Well-to-do Indians fear that Hindu nationalists emboldened by the verdict on Ayodhya might scare off foreign investors. But it was Hindu nationalists who, coming to power in 1998 through successive bloody anti-Muslim campaigns, followed policies that expedited the country’s grossly uneven economic development and entrenched corporate special interests in India’s politics.

More fatefully, the Hindu nationalists exploded nuclear bombs underground and threatened Pakistan with all-out war, creating a legacy of hard-line nationalism — which the Indian military in Kashmir and successive governments in Delhi have embraced.

Somebody should tell this idiot that economic libralization was a good thing and was started not by BJP. As far as this issue is concerned their is a continuity in thinking of BJP and Congress. This is a very good thing , which I can understand that joker economists like him graduating from JNU   fail to comprehand.  Again they have no respect for public demand and think that Pokhran was bad thing imposed by a few.

Winner India loser rootless media

October 1, 2010

What I can see  after the judgement on Ram Janambhoomi  is that people on street are happy and relieved but people sitting in TV rooms, media and so called thinkers are very sad.   For them  going back in time means stopping at 1992 and may be 1949. What a conveninent stopping point!

ADB data on middle class in India.

August 22, 2010

Today, Indian newspapers were celebrating rise of Indian middle class as pointed out by ADB.    While the report was overall in positive tone, something looked very fishy to me.

Here is what timesof india and economics times has to say about the report

Only 0.0009% of Indians earn more than Rs 10,000 per month.

somebody must had imagined this data. According to economics times itself

In response to a Right to Information (RTI) query by seasoned RTI campaigner P. Hari Kumar, 24, of Kasaragod in north Kerala, the finance ministry has said that the number of taxpayers has increased from 28.4 million in 2002 to 31.5 million in 2006.

This number itself is 3 % and I think it is fair to assume that  each tax payer represent atleast 2 people and a substantial portion of this population earns more than  20000 Rs.  Thus, I do not see how the percent of Indian earning more than Rs 10000 was 0.0009 is year  2005.  May be economics times and timesofindia should cross check what they report. Regarding original source ADB, I could not see this line in the original report available online.

Kishore da’s sad song

August 17, 2010

This is one of the best sad song by Kishore da

Chhota Parivar dukhi Parivar

August 14, 2010

Found this picture on facebook.  It gave an impression that it is from movie Tere Bin ladan.  Loving the sense of humor of creator.  I do not know the source so can’t quote the original source really.

Another great one from Asha

August 13, 2010